We are now taking orders for Christmas 2021!  Either get in touch with us or one of the shops we supply to place an order...


4 - 6kg Bronze Turkey £13/kg
6 - 9kg Bronze Turkey £12/kg
9kg+ Bronze Turkey £11/kg
Goose £15/kg


Suggested Lamb
Leg (on the bone / B&R) £18 / £21.75/kg
Shoulder (on the bone / B&R) £13.50 / £16.50/kg
Loin B&R £34.50/kg
Rack of chops (French-trimmed) £25.50/kg


Suggested Pork, Ham & Bacon
Gammon B&R (unsmoked / smoked) £12/kg
Shoulder / Leg B&R £10.50/kg
Loin joint (on the bone / B&R) £10.50 / £13.50/kg
Sausagemeat (1lb) £4.95 each
Pigs in blankets £15.00/kg


 Suggested Beef
Forerib (on the bone / B&R) £21 / £27/kg
Prime roast joint (topside etc.) £16.50/kg
Slow roast joint (brisket etc.) £11.25/kg


Suggested Venison
Leg (Haunch) (on the bone / B&R) £18.00 / £21.75/kg
Diced £15.00/kg


Pick-ups and deliveries to shops and residential addresses will be organized nearer the time for between the 20th-23rd December.