All our beef cattle are bred from our Fresian dairy herds using Limousin, Charolais and most recently British Blue bulls, and the resulting Friesian cross animal never fails to please!  They are fattened on grass outside in the summer, and over the winter they are housed in straw yards with a mixture of our own silage and barley making up the diet.  Our beef is hung in our cold stores for up to 4 weeks, in order to maximise tenderness and flavour.

 Typical cuts of beef available on a regular basis and their usual prices are listed below (please not that prices can vary slightly!)  Feel free to ask about other cuts if you don't see them here...


Topside/top rump/silverside roasts £16.50/kg
Top rib/middle rib/brisket slow roasts From £11.25/kg
Forerib joint From £21.00/kg
Sirloin/rib-eye steaks £34.50/kg
Rump steaks £28.95/kg
Fillet steaks £42.00/kg
Diced/braising steak £12.00/kg
Prime cut mince £9.90/kg
Beef & stilton sausages/Beef Boerewors sausages £14.25/kg
4oz beef burgers £1.50 each


Beef boxes

Ordering meat by the box is a cheaper option, and we have two choices regarding beef boxes; a smaller box or a larger box.  Alternatively a mixed box of all different kinds of meat is also an option, you can find more details on the 'Mixed Meat Boxes' page...



1x prime roasting joint
1x slow roasting joint
4x rump steaks
2x diced
2x mince
4x burgers

£90 including discount



2x prime roasting joints
2x slow roasting joint
4x rump steaks
4x sirloin/ribeye steaks
3x diced
4x mince
8x burgers

£150 including discount