The rolling Purbeck hills are ideal for sheep farming, with it's rich clay soil and moderate climate virtually guaranteeing 12 months grazing throughout the year.  As a result, the lambs are outside all year, and almost entirely fattened off grass with a little supplementary feeding in the colder months.

Our ewes are North Country Mules and Poll Dorset Horn crossed Mules, and the rams we use are Suffolk, Dorset and Hampshire Downs, Dorset Horn, Texel and Charolais.  We lamb in January, March and May which means that we can guarantee fresh lamb all year round.

Typical cuts of lamb available on a regular basis and their usual prices are listed below (please not that prices can vary slightly!)  Feel free to ask about other cuts if you don't see them here...


Leg joints   From £18/kg
Leg and rump steaks   £26.25/kg
Loin chops   £26.25/kg
Rack of lamb/cutlets (French-trimmed)   £25.50/kg
Shoulder joints   From £13.50/kg
Diced/neck fillet   £18/kg
Mince   £14.25/kg
Liver   £9/kg
Lamb & mint sausages/Morroccan Lamb sausages   £14.25/kg
4oz lamb & mint burgers   £1.75 each



Ordering meat by the box is a cheaper option, and we have two choices regarding lamb boxes; you can get quarter of a lamb or half of a lamb.  Alternatively a mixed box of all different kinds of meat is also an option, you can find more details on the 'Mixed Meat Boxes' page...



4x loin chops
2x rump steaks
1x whole leg joint (butchered to your choice e.g whole on the bone, halved on the bone, boned & rolled etc.)
1x 500g mince

£55 including discount



1x whole shoulder joint (butchered to your choice e.g whole on the bone, halved on the bone, boned & rolled etc.)
1x rack (French-trimmed) or 8x cutlets
6x loin chops
4x rump steaks
1x whole leg joint (butchered to your choice)
1x 500g mince
Sliced liver and kidney

£90 including discount