Previously sold as our raw pet food, we have rebranded this product to a higher standard so it was suitable for human consumption.  It is made up of fresh meat, liver, lungs, heart and fat, which are all the ingredients found in products such as a liver sausage, faggot or pate recipe, and can be used as part of any of these recipes.  We get the product tested for suitability of human consumption to assure that it is a good product, but alternatively it can still be used as a raw pet food!

We mince the offle, meat and a little rusk to help bind it together whilst it is very fresh (only days after receiving then from the slaughterhouse) and then freeze it in 450g tubes.  We only sell them frozen, and all you have to do is thaw them out thoroughly (best done in a fridge overnight) before using them.



£1.30 / 450g tube


25 for £28.50

50 for £54.00

100 for £102.00

150 for £144


£1.95 each