Our pigs are the only animals that are not born on the farm as we buy our pigs in from a farm near Glastonbury.  They are the traditional white pigs which finish quickly with not too much fat.   Breeds includie Hampshire, Landrace, Large White and Pietrain, and we bed them indoors on barley straw and fed with our own home-grown barley and milk from the dairy. The resulting pork, ham and bacon are succulent, full of flavour with excellent crackling!

We offer a variety of high meat content sausages (80% plus pork) including traditional recipes like plain pork sausages and chipolatas, pork and leek, pork and chorizo to name a few.  Our gammons, back bacon and streaky bacon are dry-cured to our own recipe, some of which we get smoked locally for 36 hours over oak or apple chippings.

Typical cuts of pork and bacon available on a regular basis and their usual prices are listed below (please not that prices can vary slightly!)  Feel free to ask about other cuts if you don't see them here...

Shoulder / Leg boned & rolled £10.50/kg
Loin chops / steaks From £10.50/kg
Loin joint From £10.50/kg
Belly joint From £8.25/kg


Plain pork sausages/chipolatas £10.50/kg and £13.95/kg
Pork & leek, pork & chorizo, pork & tomato, pork & apple sausages From £11.40/kg
Back bacon unsmoked/smoked £15.90/kg and £18.90/kg
Streaky bacon unsmoked/smoked £13.95/kg and £16.95/kg
Gammon boned & rolled unsmoked/smoked £12/kg
Gammon steaks unsmoked/smoked £12.90/kg

Bacon hock

£4.65 each


Pork boxes

Ordering meat by the box is a cheaper option, and we have two choices regarding pork boxes depending on your budget; the larger option and a smaller and cheaper option!  Alternatively a mixed box of all different kinds of meat is also an option, you can find more details on the 'Mixed Meat Boxes' page...



2x leg / shoulder joints
6x chops / steaks
1x diced

12x sausages

12x back bacon rashers (smoked / unsmoked)
6x streaky bacon rashers (smoked / unsmoked)

£55 including discount and local delivery

(see conditions)



2x leg joints
1x shoulder joint
12x chops / steaks
2x diced
1x belly joint / 6 belly rashers
24x sausages
24x back bacon (smoked / unsmoked)
12x streaky bacon (smoked / unsmoked)

£100 including discount and local delivery

(see conditions)