The Isle of Purbeck has always had a high population of wild deer, what with plenty of woodland, undulating hillsides, grassy fields and marshes around the Purbeck valley there is plenty of food and cover for them!  The deer population here is predominantly Sika, so between August and March we do our best to source Sikas from our own farms if possible, and then source Roe deer locally between April and July.  Venison is a very healthy meat and extremely lean, and once hung appropriately is extremely tender.  Typical cuts of venison available on a regular basis and their usual prices are listed below (please not that prices can vary slightly!)  Feel free to ask about other cuts if you don't see them here...

Leg joints From £18.00/kg
Leg and rump steaks £26.25/kg
Strip loin / fillet £34.50/kg
Diced / neck fillet £15/kg
Mince £14.25/kg
Venison & cranberry sausages £14.25/kg
4oz venison & cranberry burgers

£1.75 each


There are quite a few shoots well established in the Isle of Purbeck and we have a few on the farm, so when possible we source the pheasants and partridges from these shoots and prepare them whole ready for the oven or freezer.  We also have game mix available, which is pheasant breast, partridge breast and diced venison.

Whole pheasant £3.75 each
Whole partridge £3.75 each
Diced game mix £15/kg